Ella’s Ice-Cream Summer by Sue Watson

Why you should read it: A charming story filled with sweet romance, crazy family, a bedazzled pomeranian and a mysterious feud that will keep you turning pages until the very end.

“But now I was left behind on the shore waving everyone else off. I’d been so busy encouraging my kids to live for today and have an adventure, that I’d forgotten to book one for me.”

Absolutely the most enjoyable thing about this book is following Ella as she finds herself, figures out the important things in life, and makes some serious limoncello ice cream with the rotten lemons life has dealt her. Along the way, we get to see the many lives Ella touches with her seemingly insignificant actions and the joy her ice cream and and spunk brings to the town of Appledore.

Ella has spent the majority of her life living for others, from her ex-husband to her children to her own mother. But now Ella is ready to find a little bit of adventure for herself, a little something to call her own. And when everything is hitting the fan, her newly deceased aunt surprisingly wills Ella an ice cream van. With a little push from the local family solicitor, Ella takes a leap of faith and does the most impulsive thing in her life by moving to Appledore for the summer. While there, she finds her spark and the renewal she had been looking for plus something extra in the form of carefree Ben, who helps Ella see her true potential and that sometimes, no matter how hard we try to control the things around us, it’s okay to leave things up to fate.

“In my view there is such a thing as fate and when people we love die they don’t leave us, they stick around and leave clues every day to guide us.”

This book both inspires and warms my heart. Sue Watson did a great job of conveying a mother’s emotions with the imminent departure of her children, the travesty of failed marriage, and the responsibilities of motherhood. But the hardships in life shape the people we become for better or worse and it’s learning to turn the bad things into stepping stones for better that says the most about each of us. And in this book, Ella, with the help of the right people, truly shines with her will to do good for herself and her family.

Rating: 5+ Stars!

P.S. What a crazy mystery! I kind of had an inkling by about 40% into the book but I couldn’t stop reading until I knew the definite truth!

ARC received courtesy of NetGalley, Bookouture, and Sue Watson in exchange for an honest review

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